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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ashtanga Yoga Discussion Room: Reactions and Responses

To view on my new blog!

I'm pleased to offer a new short video discussion on reactions during practice. I speak about how to cultivate the mental power, to sift through various mental states, and how to identify the types of thoughts, emotions or reactions that are worthy of care and attention.
Also, Joy and I have created a new Facebook fan page for David Garrigues Yoga and will be using it as a platform to post daily blog like ideas and thoughts. We invite you to join us and help create a daily community on the Ashtanga Practice.


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  2. big stuff. i need lots of circus to get to the internal. i appreciate the hours and hours of circus for the glimpses of internal it opens.
    and speaking of great style, love the jacket joy!
    xo suzanne faulkner of ashtanga yoga club durham


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