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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Asana Kitchen: Bakasana

If there is one idea that you take from this week's blog it is this:





  1. Fantastic, thanks! Please keep it coming, David!!

  2. Namaste Dear David!
    It's great to "see" you here! I hope you are happy and well! Thank you for this insightful video on Bakasana Awakening! I remember when we were at Shanti Yoga Studio in Bend, OR how you taught me to "jump" into Bakasana! It was so helpful and I have shared with my students what you have shared with me!
    Wishing you well and sending you love!

  3. Shoot...the arm pit. I'm still in the arm pit after all these years ;-). Fabulous video David and Joy. Thank you

  4. Thank you, David! This video was tremendously helpful. Namaste!-Lu

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