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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Flowing on the Crooked Path: A Primary Series Guide Interviews

This week I'm out of town working on a project and so I'm posting two of the six interviews that are included on my upcoming Primary Series dvd. They are titled Agastya and Ashtanga and Yoga is Creativity. I hope you enjoy them!

I'll post another written piece next week.

Hari Om,


  1. David, I loved both of these posts! It's true that we absorb so much negativity daily and our mind is our own worst enemy. The practice has lifted the veil as to how that goes down and gives me so much strength to dispel those bad vibes; or as Agastya did - to "spiritually fart" out the demons in my life! Regarding your Yoga and Creativity piece - yes, it's so true that each of us brings our own life experience and unique creative self to The Practice. Yoga allows you to quiet your mind, so you may better listen to that inner voice that invites us to, as you said, love ourselves - so that we may then naturally extend that beautiful self-love to others who so desperately need it. It is a powerful tool for change. And it's comforting to know you are there as our teacher to ensure we don't stray too far from the path while building our own blend of Ashtanga on the mat! Thanks for sharing these clips. :)

  2. I enjoyed both of these posts. I hope you will share stories and their implications in our upcoming training. Mary

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