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Friday, September 23, 2011

Ashtanga and Diet (pts 2 and 3)

Greetings and welcome back!

Here are parts 2 and 3 of my series on Ashtanga and Diet. If you haven't watched part 1, I strongly suggest you watch it. I have included it in this post for your convenience. I am so pleased to see such a strong and enthusiastic reaction to these diet posts. I have seen amazing progress in students practices once they alter their diet. Even the slightest changes can result in less injury, faster recovery and FULL STRENGTH! I have also added some great diet books on my reading list page of this blog.
Joy and I have bought our tickets for Mysore in January and my one month Mysore intensive in Kovalam! We are looking forward to meeting some new faces and having lunch with some old friends.

Hari Om and enjoy!!


  1. Awwww.... The Starbucks part broke my heart... I follow the no coffee no prana thingy... but pfewwww! glad you clarified that it is all about discrimination, rather than obsessing over NOT doing something or doing something... all about going to center. Yes.

    Thank you for this!!!

    By the way, on the onions, I heard many people in Mysore say they don't eat garlic or onions... I loved them sauteed... you do not seem to have a problem with it... why do you think this is?

  2. One more thing... on the last video... Water! that is what we need to drink, Gee for the first time, guess I needed to hear it this way... water is what we need to drink! I love O.J. but water is definitelly better...

    Also, thanks Joy for doing the amazing taping of this. Great quality videos!

  3. thanks david, these videos are very enlightening. even though i have been a vegetarian for 4 years, i realise that i have just discovered a whole new level of understanding on food through macrobiotic diet recently. thanks again for your sharing! great work!

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  11. One more thing... on the last video... Water! that is what we need to drink, Gee for the first time, estimate I required to hear it this way... water is what we need to drink! I love O.J. but water is definitely better...


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