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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Asana Kitchen: Working Towards Viparita Chakrasana or Tic Tac's Part One

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I am pleased to announce a new installment of the Asana Kitchen. For the next three weeks I will be posting parts 1-3 of the challenging and beautiful Viparita Chakarasana, otherwise known as Tic Tac’s. I would like to thank all of my students who participated in the filming, Joy for editing the epic post, and Claudia who not only asked the question but also filmed herself doing the posture. Sending in a video was a great way for me to directly see what she needed to work on.

I hope you find the instruction helpful!

Hari Om,


  1. This is great David, thank you so much for sharing this, been putting off working on Tic tac for ages with the excuse of too little space. Truth is it scares the bejesus out of me. No excuses now.

    The bit at the end where your talking about getting the back more horizontal ( 6 mins in), i'm guessing this works for gandha Bherundasana too, can never seem to get my toes closer than the merest brush of my head, can imagine that this might make all the difference. Thanks again to you and your 'model's' and to Claudia for asking the question

  2. Great post! I'm sure many yogis would learn a lot from this. You can post this on United Yogis. It is an online community in which members can connect with like-minded yogis through blogs, discussion forums, chat, yoga events, photos, videos and more. Signing up is free!

  3. Fantastic, David. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. great points David, this is a wonderful explanation, I cannot wait for next practice now I will video tape to see how close to the wall I get and see if ready.

    Thanks to Joy for the editing and the models and to Claudia for asking.

    Great post!


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